Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Lithuanians - Musu Miesteliai - Our Villages

Here is another segment of "Musu Miesteliai" - Our Villages - "Babtai"
Some of you have already found it in our Member Area at:
The Lithuanians Television TV-6

.Musu Miesteliai - Our Villages program is an opportunity for you to listen and maybe- for some-learn some Lithuanian while watching these wonderful productions. There are many scenic segments and points of history.

.See this Documentary - Special from Lithuanian Television about Musu Miesteliai - Our Villages. Visit Our Small Villages in Lithuania. -Hear oral history from townspeople. Living history spoken by locals, their lives, families and in their local dialect. Found in our Member Area TELEVISIOIN- TV-6
There are many other segments of Musu Miesteliai - Our Villages archived.<<<>>>.

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