Friday, February 22, 2008

Musu Miesteliai - Our Towns: Paistrys

Here is another segment of "Musu Miesteliai" Paistrys

Some of you have already found it in our Member Archive:
at The Lithuanians Television TV-6 Musu Miesteliai - Our Towns
dated 20071208 Paistrys
I tried preparing transcripts, unfortunately they take a very long time.
Being a staff of one, choices have to be made. My regrets.
But here is an opportunity for you to listen and maybe- for some-
learn some lithuanian while watching these wonderful productions.
There are many scenic segments.

BTW - the movie is "Streaming Flash" format

See this Documentary - Special from Lithuanian Television
about Musu Miesteliai - Our Towns
Originally aired onSaturday December 8 , 2007
Visiting Our Small Towns in Lithuania.
See Paistrys -
Hear oral history from townspeople.
Living history spoken by locals, their lives, families and in their local dialect.
Found in our Member Area - Archive TELEVISION - TV-6

Thursday, February 21, 2008

DOWNLOAD: The Lithuaniuans Voice Thursday February 21, 2005

Hello / Labas
Today's radio broadscast  Download

Well, just want to remind all our subscribers in the Member Archive of Friday's upcoming television broadcast of Gero Upo - Good Spirits . Last week's program will be replaced with this week's show in the Special Section, but in TV-2 you can see many archived programs.
So, now hear our radio broadcast at the Lithuanians Voice at Channel 1 : LOG IN to our Member Archive
or go to our Preview of Programs - Our Radio Broadcasts. You can also see some prior  television programs in this area.
Gero Upo means Good Spirits. So we wish you some Good Spirits. Listen to our version of Gero Upo.
Regards, Raymond

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